Digital marketing basics for beginners

Digital marketing basics google

 Now everyone is obsessed with digital marketing and digitalization.

Digital marketing is not something special, it is regular marketing, just digital.

And digital marketing is just a form of marketing materials presentation.

Simply put, the task of digital marketing is to convey the right information to the right audience.

SEO is an increase in the position of a site in search results due to technical and search engine optimization.

Once you have a website, SEO is a must-have digital marketing tool.

But in fairness with SEO, this also does not always work, so in these cases, in parallel with SEO, you needContextual advertising (or just context) - paid placement in search results for the right words.

When someone makes a similar search request, they will see your site in the search results, or they will see your banner ad.

The fact is that the search engine remembered what the user was looking for, and now for these keywords it shows him ads on other sites.

The second feature is that it takes at least 6-8 months for a digital marketing channel like content marketing to work.

Targeted advertising (aka "target") is personalized advertising on social networks, targeted at a specific person or a very narrow group of people.

Remember contextual advertising: there we were catching up with a person with advertising after he entered a query in the search, and then constantly Everything is the same here - a person goes to social networks and sees ads that There are many display mechanics: after visiting the site, your group on a social network, you can find a person by postal address or phone number, Or you can specify in the ad parameters certain interests and parameters of users who need to show this ad.

Display advertising on sites (programmatic) The advertising network itself calculates when it is best to show the user your promo image so that the It works like this: you upload an ad image, set up display parameters, cost, set a budget, and the ad network itself displays your image on As targeted advertising, but without social media.

Mobile marketing is when a user launches an application on their phone and periodically sees your ad.

Suitable for: everyone who has a story to tell A blog is just one type of content marketing with all its features.

The only option not to lose the budget on the blog is to give its content to an enterprising employee who himself wants to do this with pure As soon as he starts asking for money, that's it, the blog just ended and content marketing began.

Suitable for: everyone who has a group or a page on social networks A page on a social network now easily replaces a corporate website.

If your company is not on the social network, or entertaining content or releasing a viral video.

If everything were that simple, viral videos would flood the network, and everyone would shoot only them.

Suitable for: everyone who has an email database of their clients or has the opportunity to collect this database And we do not recommend sending spam and buying databases.

Native advertising Native advertising is when you create material in collaboration with a publication.

If you're selling high-end fountain pens, then it's foolish to advertise natively Suitable for: companies that have a database of customer phone numbers and their consent to mailing In such a mailing list, you can advertise anything: from discounts on goods to personal offers for a specific audience.

can segment customers across multiple dimensions, so you can create truly personalized offers.

What tools each marketer should be able to use will be described in detail by Internet marketing expert. Major digital marketing channels We just talked about online tools, and then there are marketing channels to work with: But not all digital marketing channels work the same for all tools.

The video works well on billboards and TV, but is completely The customer always has 3-4 touches with your product before the purchase, so only one marketing channel never Offline digital marketing tools (which no longer work) The only areas where QR codes work are the payment of utility bills in the bank's mobile app and city reference information for the very.Such calls have an extremely negative impact on the company's image, and the only place where they are applicable is in informing an existing client.

Gift flash drives We are talking about gift flash drives in the form of a company logo It is not a pity to lose such a flash drive or give it along with the contents to a colleague or client.

Visually it looks interesting, but as a working marketing tool it is a complete failure.

How to choose digital marketing tools in 2020 Don't mix it all up into one big marketing event: Website promotion, product advertising, and company image building are 3 different tasks, each of which requires its own tools.


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